BITS AND PIECES                                                                                                      


                                                  Above: Won in a National Competition to promote Weetabix while at Litchard Primary School

                                                               in Bridgend about 1958-59. I wrote a story about a train driver needing his Weetabix

                                                              before driving his train. Quite shameless really!




                                                  Above: Cover of Dragon the Aberystwyth University Literary Magazine I edited in 1979

                                                              along with Judith Wilson and Christiaan van Bussel.




                                                 Above: Two of my early poems from Dragon. I used parts of them in later poems. Note Dylan Thomas

                                                             echo in the lines "where only light can enter".    


                                                  Above: Tutoring with Writers News. Also tutored with London School of Journalism and RRC.


                                                   Above: Dummy Edition of HSM for which I was Consultant Editor for a couple of years.

                                                              Often involved me writing most of it! I was glad when it went in-house and I just

                                                              contributed to it.


                                                  Above: Card received from editors at Croner Publications on my retirement. 



                                                  Above: Winning one thousand pounds for designing a screensaver!


                                                  Above: Help given to GCHQ.


                                                  Above: Licence to run courses for Training Provider staff.


                                                     Above: Some of the Training Providers courses run for. Sadly, many no longer exist.


                                                    Above: Course I ran for ELWA. Myself far right at the back.  




                                                            Above: Some of the other organisations worked with.


                                                   Above: Certificate to enable interviewing prospective Fellowship Candidates.


                                                   Above: NUJ Group Meeting at Llandrindod Wells in 2000. I'm in the middle at the back.


                                                   Above: Press Card 1999.  


                                                 Above: Interest in Family History has led to the completion of 18 Bound Journals.